The generator fix

I returned to the generator shop today and the part needed had arrived and it was replaced and it worked. From the way the guys at the shop were looking at it, it seemed that they weren’t sure it was going to work as well as it did. Now when the generator is running the fridge doesn’t sound an alarm and the microwave works too.

I had the oil and filter changed on generator. I figured no sense going half measure and then wishing I had the work done at some later date. The cost was not a trifle it was $560.00 for a voltage regulator, oil change and new filter plus labor and tax. (sigh) At least it works and there is a 90 day guarantee on parts and labor.

While I was there two other RVs were being worked on and one was a BIG diesel pusher with all the bells and whistles and it needed generator work. Another rig was a mobile dental unit for a clinic in a rural area outside of Tucson and it seems they had some problem with their generator and parts had to be shipped in also. This seems like a busy generator shop to me, but the tech working on mine said that the summer is the busy season for the shop and things had slowed down from the summer rush!

I went on to Camper’s World and bought a new fridge vent cover and a few other items. I bought the fridge vent cover because the one on this rig has had its screw heads covered with some sort of caulking or silicon and I think when I get the solar put in the tech will have to take this cover off and will most likely break it getting to the screws. If that doesn’t happen I’ll just return the cover and get my money back.

I looked over the rigs for sale there. CW is co-located with Lazy-days RV and there is a display of RVs for sale on the same lot. They look nice but the prices even for used ones are, to me, very high; out of my range for sure.

I went to Wally World and did a little shopping to replenish supplies and to doll up the rig a bit. This rig is after all my home and it should feel homey to me so I got some lacy curtains to put up I hope they fit and look good.

Yes the curtains fit and look good. I need two more panels to do the job right and then my house will look better to me. A few more decorator touches and it will look even more homey-as far as I am concerned anyway.Once I have the curtains up the way I want I’ll take some photos and if they turn out good I’ll post them.

I have been following another blog and the subject of thinking about friends and family who have past came up. Some comentors thought this was not such a good thing and others thought it was healthy and normal. I have a photo of a friend of mine who also liked to RV, who passed away over a year ago. I can’t bring myself to remove her from my address book and I put her photo on the wall of my rig so it is facing out the windshield so that in my mind she is seeing where we are going as we head down the highways and byways. I suppose that is very sentimental and maybe a bit sad. I still miss her.


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