Learning to play Mx train

I have been observing the folks here playing Mexican train, a domino game. Finally I gave it a try this evening and it is a good social game and holds your interest and with this group of RV’rs it is popular. So tonight was my first game and I think I can get the hang of it at least I can participate even if I am not good at it.

I have tried other games like various card games over the years and I don’t play well and leave frustrated. I have been looking for a game to play that I would be good enough at to feel like I’m competent and this might be it. One game does not make a convert.

We have a group of folks leaving here wednesday morning for Death Valley there will be about ten rigs traveling together to tour the valley. I won’t be going I have a Dr’s appointment in Tucson and I have some repairs to get done there so I am not at liberty to join the group. After the repairs I will be headed to the Slabs near Niland CA. There is a man there who makes a living selling and installing solar rv equipment and I have already exchanged messages with him about installing solar on my rig. It would be nice to be independent of electrical outlets and able to visit areas without having to concern myself with how I was going to find electricity to run my lights, fridge, computer and other electrical appliances.

I plan to leave here wednesday and head west at least that is the plan today 🙂

3 thoughts on “Learning to play Mx train

  1. Mtrain seems to be a big thing with RVers. I tried to play with the group up in Lakeside but they play with the big sets and the dots drove me to distraction (not hard to do) But I love domino’s and hope to learn to play with smaller sets over the winter. Cards to me are boring. I sometimes think they play to many games and spend to much time indoors. I am an outdoor person. Isn’t that why we travel? To each his own as they say.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. We play the Mexican train game lots with mom and dad, and even the kids. Bitty and I love to play it! We all have a lot of fun with it!

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