Folks have been coming in for the rally and the social hour meetings are getting a crowd. Lots of folks know each other here so there are lots of hugs when someone arrives a very friendly group so far.
Went to brunch today (sunday) at an Italian restaurant, well it was listed as a brunch but really it was a buffet as there were no breakfast items. As a vegetarian I had slim pickings just salad fruit and one veg that didn’t have animal stuff on it or in it. I made do and carried on. The company was good and folks had a good time catching up on each others adventures since the last time they saw each other.
After the buffet I stopped by Wally World and picked up a few things seems like I always need something there. Then returned to the Low-Hi Ranch and sat around and gabbed with the gals for the afternoon.
Monday of course was Pot-Luck day so the evening entertainment was a pot luck dinner. I was going to skip it as I have become a Herbovor (vegetarian/vegan), but at the last minute there was an anouncement that there was going to be a be a vegetarian dish there so I went and had vegetarian chili. It tasted good but gave me so much gas I couldn’t be around people.
Tuesday we went to the Pink Store which is in Palomas MX and is both a store and a restaurant with live music for lunch. I bought a few things and had a bean burrito with rice. It was okay, nothing to shout about.
Wednesday; there were several events going on one was a trip to burro rescue ranch and the folks that went there had a lot of fun feeding the burros and watching them play. Another group went to Silver City NM for shopping and lunch, that was what I did. I had a fun trip to Silver City and had a vegetarian lunch at The Vegetarian Deli. I had a wonderful squash soup with sweet potato and sandwich with mock tuna fish that was very good. We shopped at some of the thrift stores and stopped by Walgreens and Walmart the came back to the ranch in Deming for another dinner. This time the vegetarians had a veggie lover’s pizza along with the usual vegetables and desserts at the dinner.
Thursday; I had KP duty at the the dinning hall and there was breakfast burritos ham and bean, bacon and been and bean and cheese for the vegetarians along with juices and hot drinks. Tonight is a dance and this afternoon line dance instruction to get us ready for the dance tonight. After KP duty this morning I drove my rig over to the dump station and dumped my tanks while the weather was good as it is supposed to get colder tonight! Maybe I should get out the electric blanket?


2 thoughts on “Rally

  1. I found you on RVSue’s blog today,
    It said you are heading for Tucson where I live in the winter. Another blogger Four Windows with a View arrived here about 3 weeks ago Jeana is staying at the Voyager. Jeana introduced us to a vegetarian restaurant called Govinda’s the food was excellant and a wonderfu place to go.
    Hope to maybe meet up somewhere.

  2. For another veggie restaurant in Tucson try Loving Spoonfuls at 2990 N. Campbell it is a very popular restaurant I just love their veggie bacon burger and their desserts are fabulous !

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