Strange Odor

A strange odor woke me up in the night about 3am. It smelled like something chemical maybe wire insulation so the first thing I checked was the fridge no odor there I checked every light socket and outlet opened every cabinet and sniffed, nothing. I went outside to see if the odor was coming in from someone burning something and the wind had carried the odor to my rig, nothing. I checked the stove and the furnace found that the lever for the catalytic heater wasn’t closed all the way, but the smell wasn’t of LP. I opened a vent wide and on a hunch I flipped the circuit breaker for the elect part of the water heater. I even took the drawer out of the vanity and smelled in there as the water heater is under that drawer. I felt all the switches nothing. So I had a restless night.

This am the odor was still in the potty area so it must be the electrical wiring in there somewhere. I took the electrical switch out and looked for burn marks an smelled it and no burn marks or odor. I think I might replace the switch anyway as I don’t think it was working right while I was in Tucson, because I had to use LP to heat the water. This stuff could drive you to distraction. An RV fire is a serious event that one wants to avoid as most fires total the rig. The good thing was there was the fire alarm didn’t go off so there was no smoke or not enough to set off the alarm. I usually set it off when cooking so it does work.


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