You Just Can’t Fix Stupid !!!

I am so Pissed ….. Let me explain; I and my sister Samantha have this little ten acre country place in Texas up for sale it has been on the market for quite some time, almost two years. We have had this guy trying to buy the place and he made an offer a few months ago and we made repairs based on his home inspection we also had the place surveyed because he said he needed it for the financing. He agreed to buy the place, but he then he couldn’t get financing because of an issue with documentation between him, his boss and the IRS. His offer expired months ago.

He then shows up with a different agent and says he has financing and makes a lower offer. We want to be rid of this place and so we accept. This now is the second offer we are at this point signing papers and they have to be Fedex’d back and forth. BUT! There is always a but, now he wants us to give him the survey which was part of the first offer, but not of the second offer and he had some men come to the house (we aren’t there) and they started to make like they were going to remove stuff from the property. There was a lady there to whom we had sold our furnishings and she ran them off because they were drunk or high so they didn’t take anything …yet!

What a mess ! What a DAMN mess!! The world is full of nuts and it’s my misfortune to come across this one !!!


2 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Fix Stupid !!!

  1. These things happen sometimes you have to deal with shit heads to get what you want … so you hold your nose and get on with the business at hand. And then you wash under a hot shower with lots of soap and hope can was the stink off after dealing with such a stinker!

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