Getting ready to hit the road

I have been completing some projects on the Coach such as; solar fan to help cool the fridge, Door roller to save the awning when it is deployed low and the door rubs on the fabric, got the rear view camera to work for better view to the rear when parking. Defrosted the fridge and cleaned out the food of questionable character and cleaned it. I also swept, mopped, vacuumed and cleaned. I also threw out some things that were just gross like old pillows and rugs. So things are looking better.

All this because I’m going to hit the road this coming week to Deming NM for the Octoberfest meeting of Loners On Wheels. I have been looking forward to this meeting for months and I hope it meets all my expectations. This will be my first big meeting with this group so it will be interesting to see how it all works out.

I have one more project to do before I leave that will be getting a linked clamp to secure the awing while traveling. I have the had the awning come unfurled while traveling on the highway and it can be dangerous as the whole awning frame can be ripped off the RV and cause damage to other vehicles so I’m installing this device in hopes of avoiding that sort of thing happening.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready to hit the road

  1. Looking forward to hearing how that Octoberfest meeting of Loners On Wheels goes for you. I would like to get involved with the group but have never attended any of their functions. Hope it’s fun for you.

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