Some news

I went to a local MD here in Tucson, he seems rather thorough first I had a blood test about a week before then we talked about my medications and medical history. My total cholesterol was 88 and my LDL was 46. Sounds good…. right? Well not according to this Doc, seems one can have to low a cholesterol number and it can effect one’s health. So in order to get a better number my lipitor has been cut in half! For me that is good news for two reasons one it saves me money and the other it lowers the risk of complications from taking this drug. So in a few months we’ll do another blood test and see where the numbers are then.

I believe the numbers are low because I am on a plant based diet, no animal products at all and very little oil or nuts. This diet has been successful in reducing heart disease in some people at the Cleveland Clinic and Pres. Clinton is using this diet to get his heart disease under control and praises the diet for his feeling better and being more energetic. We shall see if I have as good a result from the diet as Mr. Clinton.

The other thing I discussed with the Doctor was the pain in my thighs it has been getting worse as of late and I was getting concerned. I was sent for a series of x-rays and based on that I have been referred to a physical therapist. I haven’t met with them yet so I don’t know what I will have to go and for how long I’ll have to do it.

I have an event to got to in Deming NM in a week and I am not going to miss that as I have been looking forward to this event for months. This is at the Lo-Hi Ranch for the Loners on Wheels Club. I missed last year’s event and don’t want to miss this one too.

On another note the house in Texas is under contract (again) maybe this time it will go through and be sold or ? I hate to even mention it as it has become a very sore, painful, issue with me. I was looking at houses here in Tucson thinking with the real estate market being so soft there might be some place I could buy as a home base, but everything I see is either a dump or not suitable to park an RV or costs to much. Knowing Tucson just enough there are some neighborhoods I wouldn’t live in unless I was desperate and had no other place to live and then I might not.Also, watching my son and his wife work on their house every weekend reminds me of all the damn work a house is and how little you actually get to enjoy it and the expense as well. So I gave cooled on that idea unless I come across the perfect place then I might, might buy another house. But the idea of having to take care of it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Then I thought of buying a bigger rig like a 30′ Airstream until I started looking at them and so many in my price range are crap and those I like cost almost as much as a house. I have turned less enthusiastic about that idea as well. What I need is transportation when I get to a camping place where I am going to stay for a while at first I thought of a bicycle or moped and that might be okay for short distances but something like buying groceries that wouldn’t work so good. So I would need something this rig could tow. Also it must be fuel efficient and light…. and cheap! Well getting all that together is going to be a chore! I don’t think I will be able to solve this problem in a week that’s for sure.

The other issue is insurance on the this rig I have to get more insurance as the insurance I have is connected to the house in Texas so I need a new policy and I need that before I leave here for Deming. I have contacted a broker and she gave me an estimate of $600 dollars to cover this thing and that seems high to me. I’ll have give her a call tomorrow and get that policy written quickly. Like the Old Lady in the shoe said “if it isn’t one thing it’s another”!


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