So I have been thinking….

Ya, I know, thinking can be dangerous 🙂
I like this life style and I don’t plan to give it up for quite some time (unless health issues come up) so I am thinking of getting a bigger rig with more bells and whistles. I have been thinking of getting an Airstream (used) because I like the looks and the layouts, also when I park it I can use the tow vehicle to do errands and such.

So, today I looked at my first Airstream to buy, I like the layout but it has issues that need to be evaluated by someone more knowledgeable than I. It is a 1973 31′ Soveriegn with twin beds, mid bath and an L shaped couch in the front. It is nice and roomy and I feel I could be comfortable living in it full time. The biggest issue is a patch on the street side of the rig about 6’x 6′ or more fastened by pop rivets obviously not done by an RV repair shop. At $7900 it could be a deal or dog. I don’t know maybe I should keep on looking.

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2 thoughts on “So I have been thinking….

  1. I emailed the owner and told him I wasn’t going to buy the airstream, I didn’t think it was nice to leave him wondering if I was still interested. That big patch kept praying on my mind.

  2. is a great forum to visit and learn about Airstreams. The participants are wonderful in their helpful advise, and they can put you in touch with experts who will look over a prospective trailer for you. In addition, there is a classified ad section for used Airstreams. Good Luck!

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