Adios Mexico I will miss you (sigh)

Coat of arms of Mexico.

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I had planned on visiting Mexico this winter, I have changed my mind. The reason for the abrupt change in plans is that the security situation in Mexico has gone from bad to worse with the incident where 35 bodies were found in three trucks at a shopping mall in Veracruz MX. I have traveled through Veracruz several times and this is so shocking as to be incomprehensible that this kind of thing is going on and what the Mexican people have to endure while the criminals are fighting with each other, and the government with the population who have nothing to do with crime are caught in the middle. I don’t want to be caught in the middle either. I also have no faith in Mexican law enforcement they (to me) are incompetent, corrupt and indifferent to their job. The Mexican laws are convoluted and archaic and the judicial system is corrupt as well.  I love visiting Mexico and enjoy the art, culture and humor of the Mexicans how ever I am staying north of the border until I am reasonably certain that I will be safe in my travels when I cross the border.

I will miss visiting Mexico very much more than I will miss visiting some of the crime ridden places here in the U.S.. I don’t visit large cities here and watch very carefully where I go and when I go in areas of any city. The only advantage I have here is I can usually find out what to avoid easily and I usually speak the language well.

So another dream goes to crap, oh well, there are still a few places for me to visit here in the lower 48 and maybe …. just maybe some north of the border too-maybe I should study french instead of spanish EH?


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