Up date on Dr’s visits

4th Avenue Tucson

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I went back to the cardiologist and he said my beat problem was not life threatening and he put me on another medication to slow my heart rate and lower my blood pressure which had been creeping up lately. I have just started the new medication and it make me sleepy but I can still feel the beat problem maybe it takes a few day to work. I hope I don’t fall asleep during something important.

I also had a visit with a dermatologist he didn’t find anything wrong and burned a couple of brown spots off my face with nitrogen didn’t hurt just looked weird getting it done and I was out of there in flash.

I keep getting asked who my family doctor is and I don’t have one here so I got a recommendation from family and called the office. I got surprised when the lady found that there was previous record of me being at that office. It seems that a doctor I had years ago in Tucson and this doctor I called are partners at the same office. So, I see this new doctor on the tenth of October and I have blood drawn tomorrow for that visit. sounds like all I do is visit doctors doesn’t it? Well, it seems that way to me too.

I spent the day cleaning the rig; vacuuming the whole place and taking stuff out to wash and dry then trying to get everything back together again. I can’t believe it took most of the day. I must be walking in slow motion.


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