Visit to the cardiologist

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Today was my appointment with the cardiologist seems as we get older we have more appointments with health professionals than we have dates. I have complained about my heart skipping beats so I am wearing a heart monitor for 24 hrs. This so the doctor can see if this is serious or just an annoyance. Really it is no big deal, lots of people get to wear the gadget and I don’t think my situation is serious just want to be sure.

While sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called I began to feel a bit guilty because other patients that were waiting seemed to be in much worse shape than I am. Some needed assistance or their legs and feet looked so bad I felt the pain myself. A few patients needed assistance to get in and out of the office. On the other hand I felt fine.

I did find out I have some damage to the heart, but not enough to cause difficulties with heart function. I return to the cardiologist’s office for a consult the 27th of this month.


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