Big storm last night

Thunderstorm - NOAA

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We got hit with a big, loud, flashing, heavy rain, thunderstorm last night ! It boomed and banged for quite a while and the rain came in heavy bursts- it was like being hit with a fire hose. Because of force of the wind and rain one of my windows leaked as the water got past the rubber seals.

My dog Shelby, who hates thunderstorms, would raise her head up now and then from her hiding spot to look at me like she was asking ” is everything going to be okay Mom?”. I gave her some love and told her it would be alright even though the rig was rocking because of the wind.

Today driving past the airport we saw a storm damage; along the road passing the airport there were at least ten or twelve power polls snapped off and laying in the street totally blocking traffic and as we went further into the city we were re-routed because of more power lines down in the streets and crews working to get the poles reset and working again. Some of the houses looked like they lost shingles from the storm and there was debris in the yards and roads.

So it was a big bad monsoon storm that hit Tucson I bet some of the washes are running now and I wonder how many cars are going to get stuck in them?




One thought on “Big storm last night

  1. I also had problems with a recent storm blowing high winds and forcing rain into one of my windows causing a leak as the water got past the rubber seals. Soaked the bedding and pillows. I don’t think I need to have anything repaired as it seems to be just when wind blows at 50mph sideways. Hoping that won’t happen again 😉

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