Up date, Saturday Sept 10, 2011

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The “children” came back from their trip and found the house intact and nothing and no one had died. So all the living things are now in their hands not mine. I got a little spoiled having the house all to myself, now it is back to reality.

I have made an appointment with a Dermatologist to get a cancer screening. I have lived and worked in the southwest for several decades and I should have had this screening a long time ago, there are lots of brown spots on my face and arms, I have no idea what might be on my back so off to the doctor’s office we go!

One of the things about being in Tucson is that I get comfortable, I know the town a bit and I am familiar with its culture(s) so it feels like home to me, if anyplace ever does. So I start thinking about buying a place here and settling down. Then again being tied to a house is not that pleasant of a thought. Which leaves me in a position of being neither here nor there. What adds to the, self-made, dilemma is that the housing market here is depressed with a lot of homes in foreclosure, therefore there are some bargains to be had if one doesn’t mind some sweat equity! To complicate matters even more we still haven’t sold the property in Texas yet. Oh dear what to do ?



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