End of day two Housesitting

Spanish TV show ¿Donde estás corazón.

Image via Wikipedia

Today I mowed the grass around the patio and watered a few plants, swept up some debris from the trees, fed the pets and talked to them (they weren’t impressed), later I took a dip in their pool and it did help cool me off as it was over a hundred degrees here today.

Later I studied my spanish language course and true to form I can understand more when there is something written than by listening without the script on the screen. I need more real life practice to improve my listening comprehension. I tried watching spanish language programs today on TV but the dialogue was to fast and to sophisticated for me to follow accurately, the programs were comedies and that is very hard to follow a student of a language as many idioms are used and the speed of speech is rapid.

So, everything is still alive and nothing looks in distress so another successful day of housesitting 🙂


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