I am in Tucson

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I arrived in Tucson Sunday and I pulled into my Son and his Wife’s yard in the early evening. Just in time to set up camp and have dinner with them. They are planning on a trip out of town and I said I would mind their pets for them while they were away. I’ve had a few errands to run while here like getting prescriptions filled and making an appointment with a dermatologist for a check up. I may even get a check up with a cardiologist while here. I also have to look into making some plans for later on this year. Still thinking about Mexico and where I would like to live there.

Tonight we are having a thunderstorm and it is a booming and flashing outside the rig right now. My poor dog is frightened by the thunder and is hiding the best she can in the bedroom, poor thing. The news said there was some damage and flooding in Tucson its self tonight hopefully no one was hurt or lost much.

I bought gasoline today near the airport for $3.15 a gallon I haven’t seen that price in a long while.

Oh! It is hot here …. I guess that isn’t news …. as the saying goes “HOT as Hell And Not Nearly As Interesting”. There are things of interest cactus, wildlife, sand, rocks, snakes and did I mention it was HOT!


2 thoughts on “I am in Tucson

  1. It’s going to be a hot one again here today …. laundry day for me so most of the morning will be doing laundry and cleaning the rig… just mundane stuff, boring.

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