Jacob Lake to the Grand Canyon

I was a bit concerned starting out to the Grand Canyon after the over heating incident and the shift lever problem. The shift lever still doesn’t work like it did but the RV shifts well so I am not overly concerned. The over heating thing does concern me, as we will be heading down into a long valley today and then must work our way back up the side of the valley to the Grand Canyon.

The trip down to the valley floor was uneventful and I was glad I took the opportunity to fill my fuel tank before leaving Jacob Lake as there were no the fuel station once on the road out of Jacob Lake.

At the bottom of the valley we crossed over the little Colorado on the Apache bridge at least I think it was the little Colorado I didn’t stop to check it out. From the bridge it is a steady climb up hill and I watched the temperature gauge closely just in case I had more problems. Temperature got warmer than usual but didn’t over heat and we made it to Rt. 64 and followed it up to the Grand Canyon. Once at GC I was surprised that I got in without a fee with my Senior Card I figured they would require some sort of fee to enter even with the card but no I got in free 🙂

I pulled into the first observation area that allowed RVs and Buses and viewed the Canyon from the Coit Tower the tower was designed by a Lady Architect back in the 1920’s and 30’s she was very well know for her designs.

I saw a sign for camping near the tower and I went to check it out and with my card I could stay for the night with no hook ups for $6.00 ! I took advantage of that plan right away. I spent a lovely evening at the Grand Canyon.

The next morning I took my time and stopped at several scenic view spots and Shelby and I viewed the Canyon at our own pace. We eventually arrived at the main tourist spot and after checking it out we had our lunch in our RV and planned our next move which was to travel to Flagstaff AZ.

By the time we got to Flagstaff it was getting late and a thunderstorm was upon us so we broke our pattern and found an RV park across from Little America hotel for the night. In the morning we had a mission to find the Solar Store I had read about and see if I could afford to get a solar panel installed on my rig.

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