Bryce NP to Jacob Lake AZ

When I got to the turn off for Zion NP I decided to head to Jacob lake AZ instead, but I had no idea what was in store for me. At first the road across a large valley was simple small hills no big deal. As I drove on the hills got more frequent and steeper it seems that we were taking steps ever upward and then we started a long winding grade. The motor started to get hot and I started to get worried, we were only moving about 35 miles an hour and there was no break in the climb for the motor to cool off. I was worried about making it to the top of the grade when I saw a sign that said there was an over look ahead. I sure was glad to see that over look, I pulled in and shut the motor off as the temperature needle was in the red and waited. It took over an hour for the temperature gauge to get down to a reasonable level. In the meantime several other RV’rs had pulled in because of over heating and waited for their motors to cool down.

When I thought the motor was cool enough I started up and tried putting the shift lever into reverse, but it was hard to move and it didn’t have the clicks it normally has that got me concerned. However the transmission worked and I start driving foreword and the transmission shifted normally so I continued on to Jacob Lake fourteen miles away. I thought the overlook was the top of the grade, but I was wrong we still had miles of grade to go and the motor started to get hot again. I promised myself that the first campsite I came to I would pull in for the night and I did; it was a Forrest Service Camp. The place seemed almost empty, later it got a lot of business. I check the fluid levels in the RV and everything looked okay, the coolant reservoir need a half gallon of water that is all.

I spent a comfortable night at this camp which had the campsites well separated from each other.


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