On the road …….

Salt Lake City

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I left Idaho Falls this morning, said my goodbyes the grand kids and before I choked up I pulled out and headed to a place to dump my waste tanks and then to a place to get coffee for the road. I took several long breaks with walking Shelby my trusty K-9 companion and decided as we were being pushed by traffic through Salt Lake City to keep on going until we got south of SLC.

We are now parked for the night at Walmart in American Forks and I have picked up a few things in the store such as Puppy Ice Cream for my fur friend and bread for sandwiches for me. I have the generator running to run the A/C and cool of the RV it got very hot in here today 95 degrees ! After a half hour it is down to a balmy 90 degrees hopefully in an hour we’ll be 85 or lower. By then the sun will be low in the sky and the rig will be cooling its self off as I will be in the shade. Shade is an unusual thing to have at a Walmart parking lot but we got lucky here and have some.

Tomorrow we are continuing on to Winslow AZ after breakfast and a fuel stop.

Edit; I am in American Forks instead of American Falls, I guess my hearing is going now the next thing you know I’ll be using and ear trumpet.


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