End of day two Housesitting

Spanish TV show ¿Donde estás corazón.

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Today I mowed the grass around the patio and watered a few plants, swept up some debris from the trees, fed the pets and talked to them (they weren’t impressed), later I took a dip in their pool and it did help cool me off as it was over a hundred degrees here today.

Later I studied my spanish language course and true to form I can understand more when there is something written than by listening without the script on the screen. I need more real life practice to improve my listening comprehension. I tried watching spanish language programs today on TV but the dialogue was to fast and to sophisticated for me to follow accurately, the programs were comedies and that is very hard to follow a student of a language as many idioms are used and the speed of speech is rapid.

So, everything is still alive and nothing looks in distress so another successful day of housesitting 🙂


It’s Official

Island Kauai, Na Pali Coast

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I am house sitting for my Son and Daughter-in-law for a week, so I am responsible to keep the plants and pets alive until they return from their trip to Hawaii. I drove them to the airport this morning and they were excited to be on their way. They will meet other friends and relatives at their time share and I am sure they will have a good time.

I left the airport and did some shopping at Walmart and then stopped at Triple T truck stop for breakfast I had a small chorizo and egg platter and it was plenty of food to eat, I am glad I didn’t order the regular size.

After that I went to a local vet clinic recommended by my DIL, and made an appointment for my dog Shelby; she is getting on in years (15) and she has a few issues that need looking after so she has an appointment with the vet tuesday morning to get as much taken care of as we can at that time.

Another hot day in Tucson the AC in the rig is barely keeping it cool enough for us to bare; a few more degrees hotter and I think we will have to wet ourselves down or something.

I am in Tucson

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I arrived in Tucson Sunday and I pulled into my Son and his Wife’s yard in the early evening. Just in time to set up camp and have dinner with them. They are planning on a trip out of town and I said I would mind their pets for them while they were away. I’ve had a few errands to run while here like getting prescriptions filled and making an appointment with a dermatologist for a check up. I may even get a check up with a cardiologist while here. I also have to look into making some plans for later on this year. Still thinking about Mexico and where I would like to live there.

Tonight we are having a thunderstorm and it is a booming and flashing outside the rig right now. My poor dog is frightened by the thunder and is hiding the best she can in the bedroom, poor thing. The news said there was some damage and flooding in Tucson its self tonight hopefully no one was hurt or lost much.

I bought gasoline today near the airport for $3.15 a gallon I haven’t seen that price in a long while.

Oh! It is hot here …. I guess that isn’t news …. as the saying goes “HOT as Hell And Not Nearly As Interesting”. There are things of interest cactus, wildlife, sand, rocks, snakes and did I mention it was HOT!

Jacob Lake to the Grand Canyon

I was a bit concerned starting out to the Grand Canyon after the over heating incident and the shift lever problem. The shift lever still doesn’t work like it did but the RV shifts well so I am not overly concerned. The over heating thing does concern me, as we will be heading down into a long valley today and then must work our way back up the side of the valley to the Grand Canyon.

The trip down to the valley floor was uneventful and I was glad I took the opportunity to fill my fuel tank before leaving Jacob Lake as there were no the fuel station once on the road out of Jacob Lake.

At the bottom of the valley we crossed over the little Colorado on the Apache bridge at least I think it was the little Colorado I didn’t stop to check it out. From the bridge it is a steady climb up hill and I watched the temperature gauge closely just in case I had more problems. Temperature got warmer than usual but didn’t over heat and we made it to Rt. 64 and followed it up to the Grand Canyon. Once at GC I was surprised that I got in without a fee with my Senior Card I figured they would require some sort of fee to enter even with the card but no I got in free 🙂

I pulled into the first observation area that allowed RVs and Buses and viewed the Canyon from the Coit Tower the tower was designed by a Lady Architect back in the 1920’s and 30’s she was very well know for her designs.

I saw a sign for camping near the tower and I went to check it out and with my card I could stay for the night with no hook ups for $6.00 ! I took advantage of that plan right away. I spent a lovely evening at the Grand Canyon.

The next morning I took my time and stopped at several scenic view spots and Shelby and I viewed the Canyon at our own pace. We eventually arrived at the main tourist spot and after checking it out we had our lunch in our RV and planned our next move which was to travel to Flagstaff AZ.

By the time we got to Flagstaff it was getting late and a thunderstorm was upon us so we broke our pattern and found an RV park across from Little America hotel for the night. In the morning we had a mission to find the Solar Store I had read about and see if I could afford to get a solar panel installed on my rig.

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Bryce NP to Jacob Lake AZ

When I got to the turn off for Zion NP I decided to head to Jacob lake AZ instead, but I had no idea what was in store for me. At first the road across a large valley was simple small hills no big deal. As I drove on the hills got more frequent and steeper it seems that we were taking steps ever upward and then we started a long winding grade. The motor started to get hot and I started to get worried, we were only moving about 35 miles an hour and there was no break in the climb for the motor to cool off. I was worried about making it to the top of the grade when I saw a sign that said there was an over look ahead. I sure was glad to see that over look, I pulled in and shut the motor off as the temperature needle was in the red and waited. It took over an hour for the temperature gauge to get down to a reasonable level. In the meantime several other RV’rs had pulled in because of over heating and waited for their motors to cool down.

When I thought the motor was cool enough I started up and tried putting the shift lever into reverse, but it was hard to move and it didn’t have the clicks it normally has that got me concerned. However the transmission worked and I start driving foreword and the transmission shifted normally so I continued on to Jacob Lake fourteen miles away. I thought the overlook was the top of the grade, but I was wrong we still had miles of grade to go and the motor started to get hot again. I promised myself that the first campsite I came to I would pull in for the night and I did; it was a Forrest Service Camp. The place seemed almost empty, later it got a lot of business. I check the fluid levels in the RV and everything looked okay, the coolant reservoir need a half gallon of water that is all.

I spent a comfortable night at this camp which had the campsites well separated from each other.

American Fork to Red Canyon, Bryce NP

The drive to Red Canyon was uneventful except that I didn’t find a place I liked to camp until I got to Red Canyon. I found a Forrest Service Camp in the Canyon and decided to spend the night there and explore the Canyon and Bryce NP the next day.

I drove through Red Canyon and through the vaunted tunnels which are out croppings of red rock and are more like arches than tunnels. I then drove on into Bryce NP, and it is as far as the road goes a small NP the actual area is quite large but only those who back pack or ride in on horse back get to see things up close. There is well paved road that takes you to many scenic over looks for some dramatic views of the rocks and cliffs. Although some overlooks restrict RVs but the sign is located after you take the turn off for the overlook, almost as if someone was doing it deliberately to make RV’rs upset.

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On the road …….

Salt Lake City

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I left Idaho Falls this morning, said my goodbyes the grand kids and before I choked up I pulled out and headed to a place to dump my waste tanks and then to a place to get coffee for the road. I took several long breaks with walking Shelby my trusty K-9 companion and decided as we were being pushed by traffic through Salt Lake City to keep on going until we got south of SLC.

We are now parked for the night at Walmart in American Forks and I have picked up a few things in the store such as Puppy Ice Cream for my fur friend and bread for sandwiches for me. I have the generator running to run the A/C and cool of the RV it got very hot in here today 95 degrees ! After a half hour it is down to a balmy 90 degrees hopefully in an hour we’ll be 85 or lower. By then the sun will be low in the sky and the rig will be cooling its self off as I will be in the shade. Shade is an unusual thing to have at a Walmart parking lot but we got lucky here and have some.

Tomorrow we are continuing on to Winslow AZ after breakfast and a fuel stop.

Edit; I am in American Forks instead of American Falls, I guess my hearing is going now the next thing you know I’ll be using and ear trumpet.