Making plans (in my head)

I keep thinking about how I will make my move to Mexico. There are many decisions to be made;
What to do with my RV is one and what vehicle I should buy and bring to Mexico is another, as I have pets driving to Merida is the best alternative even though it is a pain in the butt is driving 1200 miles through Mexico. Although I have done it before and it would be a grand adventure 🙂

Finding a place to stay that could be a problem. I could stay for a while at the same hotel I stayed at before if they still accept pets for a week or two or until I find a house to rent. Hmmm, lots to think about.

With the new Mexican Immigration laws coming into effect I should get a move on !

Dear me what to do ?



Mexican Dreams

I am having those Mexican dreams again where I am back in Mexico and speaking Spanish, at least I think I am speaking Spanish 🙂 I am barely functional in Spanish so maybe it is wishful thinking!
So is there another Mexican trip in my future?
Creo qui si ! (I believe so)

Still here

I know I haven’t posted in a long while and I feel guilty about that, but the deal fell through on selling the ranchito and I gave up waiting around to find a seller and left it in my real-estate agent’s hands and hit the road. I am now in Idaho visiting family and having a wonderful time.

I have been studying Spanish and still it goes slowly when you don’t have a teacher present to keep you on track and challenged and not being able to converse with Spanish speakers daily is a hindrance. From past experience I know that once I get into usage Spanish, even my limited version, I will improve once I am using it daily. To that end I plan to start using Spanish more in my daily life; listening to Spanish radio, TV and novelas.

I am thinking of returning to Mexico this idea has been swirling around my brain for weeks now and it is getting more and more intense as time goes on. What is it about Mexico that I like so much ? Why does Mexico pull at me like a magnet ? Something to think about. I keep looking at the real-estate ads for Merida and remember all the cute little old houses there in Centro and how things looked and all the places to visit and what the sounds are like there. If you can’t stand noise don’t go to Mexico there is plenty of noise all kinds of noise; fireworks, dogs, traffic, car/truck horns, music, construction noises, loud talking/yelling, animal noises the whole enchilada. I miss it.

My health has been good lately, knock on wood, no pain no discomfort not fatigue life has been good; I hope it stays that way….

Cave Falls family outing

On the 4th of July we went on a family outing to Cave Falls Wyoming it is next to the boundary with Yellowstone National Park. This is a favorite fishing, camping spot for the Idaho family and one of the great uncle’s ashes were scattered over the river there. So there is a great deal of sentiment about the place. To get to the actual fishing spot on the river one takes a mile and half hike through the woods by the river and endures the clouds of mosquitos until one reaches the spot.

The rivers (there are two) were roaring at flood stage and the power of the water was amazing to see. The trail was clear and well used with a lot of wet spots to help breed the mosquitos, thank goodness for mosquito spray-it was put to the test this day for sure. As usual I was a mosquito magnet, but the DEET spray was a big help.

Here are some photos of the trip.

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Teton National Park

Visited Teton National Park yesterday. Beautiful sights everywhere. The rivers were all at flood stage and roaring with the runoff from the Winter’s snow. One could see where the dedicated snow boarders were still using some of the snow to board down the mountains and it is July!

We had dinner on the way back and I celebrated with a glass of Guinness draft with dinner. Nice trip, and I got another park pin to add to my collection 🙂

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