Yellow Stone Park

Today after leaving Cody WY our wanderings took us to Yellowstone Park. Most of the day was spent traveling through YP. I got an advantage this time because I had my ‘old geezer card’ with me and I got in for free; I like free.

There was still lots of snow at the higher elevations and that is a bit out of the norm for this time of year as usually the snow melt is almost gone by the end of June. At the eight thousand foot level it was rather chilly I needed my sweater zipped up to be comfortable.

This time we got to see more Bison than we did the first time we visited YP. That was fun as the Bison were putting on a show for us at the end of the trip. They had traffic backed up for quite a ways and of course some of the tourists were loving it and others… not so much.

After leaving the park we went shopping and had lunch which was Elk burgers! Now we have tasted Buffalo Burgers and Elk Burgers I like Elk better.

Tonight we are camped in a Forrest Service camp ground not far from Henry’s Lake and the price is closer to my liking than the last place. We also enjoyed a camp fire for the first time this trip ! Everywhere else the forrest has been to dry to permit camp fires or fires of any kind. It was fun cooking hot dogs over the fire and swatting bugs at the same time.

Here are some photos of today’s trip:

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