Change of route and a long day to boot !

When we got to Buffalo WY. we decided to take an alternate route to Idaho and after a very long day and many miles half of them up a steep grade and half down a steep grade we are in Cody WY.  Tired, grumpy and did I mention tired? I have some sort of bug; chest congestion and sore throat with a nagging cough that keeps me awake at night. I bought some cough syrup and hope that will help with the cough. Some nice scenery today and lots of traffic on the roads even those with steep grades. I thought we were coming out of a recession? With all the big rigs on the road it doesn’t look like we are, it looks as though someone has money and lots of it.

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The route we took was state route 16, from Buffalo WY to Cody WY.

Trying to stay awake till a reasonable hour so I have shopped at Walmart for cough medicine and changed the cat litter pan swept the floor and brushed the rug in front of the door and worked on the computer for a while. Still to early to try and sleep, so I guess I will find something else to keep me busy.


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