Rapid City is behind us

Finally, we have departed Rapid City SD. Samantha’s rig is repaired (we hope) and we got out of town and headed for Deadwood SD. We made a an overnight stop at a Forest Service Camp and got surprised by the fee $22.oo a night. I had forgotten that some of the Forrest Service Camps are run by contractors and the first thing they did was go up on the fees. The amenities didn’t improve just the fees still no water at the site, no electric and no sewer just a place to park that may not be level with an old FS fire ring and table and lots and lots of other campers around. Somebody with some political pull got the contract for this USDA Forrest and they are using facilities paid for by the taxpayers to make a profit, ya gotta love Capitalism profit before people…….

I call it suburbia without sidewalks. I would have been more comfortable in the woods by myself than with a host of weekend warriors with their growling pets and noisy kids.

While at the camp last night we had a thunderstorm with hail the size of nickels I thought for sure that the plastic hatches were going to break ! So far I have not noticed any damage.

Deadwood; when I pull into a town and all I see are signs saying no parking or parking meters all over I get a little ticked. There were six parking spaces by the Chamber of Commerce that one could park for TWENTY MINUTES! BIG WHOOP šŸ˜¦ We did find out from the young man on duty where we could park which was at the other end of town from the Chamber so we did park there. He also told us about the Trolly that you had to pay a dollar every time you boarded for a ride around town. We walked around town and most of the old town is gambling places and bars with gambling with a few historic signs to let you know so and so was shot here or over there. We walked the length of old town until we got to Tin Lizzie’s Casino where breakfast was $4.99 -$3.99 if your a member of their players club, free membership so to save a buck I joined and got breakfast for $3.99 plus tax and I brought my appetite; two plates of food later I was ready to leave. I had to use the ladies room and of course there was a penny slot machine there and I gave it a try and you guessed it I lost. After using the restroom we departed out the back entrance but once in the parking lot found out there was no way out ! We had to climb over the fence thank goodness for my long legs šŸ™‚ So it was good-bye Deadwood and on to Wyoming!

Tonight we are camped in Walmart parking lot in Gillette Wyoming the price is right and there are plenty of places to shop and eat within walking distance. Tomorrow we will be in Montana heading to Idaho. We want to be off the road before the 4th of July weekend.

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