Rapid City SD

We didn’t have to go far to get to Rapid City SD, which turned out to be a good thing. When we got to town the first place we stopped was the Fly J truck stop to fuel up and have breakfast. After fueling up we noticed that there was fluid leaking under Samantha’s rig upon checking it we decided that it was transmission fluid so we left her rig at Flying J and went on to our next business which was with America’s Mail Box. This business is a mail service and much more for constant travelers like us and Merchant Marines, Truck Drivers and people who travel overseas as part of their job. They will receive your mail and forward it to you they also help with registering your vehicles in S.D. and in your changing your driver’s Lic. to S.D. We both set up a postal box with them and filled out paper work for getting our vehicles registered in S.D.. We also got our S.D. driver’s Lic. also. While at the office we talked with a man there and he advised Samantha on where to have her rig fixed and one of the employees led her to the shop and drove her back to the office, she is staying in one of the three motel rooms that is locate at the office and I am camped in the RV park that is part of the office and business.

This afternoon we went shopping at Cabela’s Sporting Goods which is just down the street from America’s Mail Box.


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