Custer SD

We made it to Custer SD, we have been here before and know the place well. Went to a restaurant we have eaten in before and had lunch and did a walk of the town and visited some stores. I bought a T-shirt and tried to buy a jacket but they didn’t have my size so I’ll have to find it somewhere else. I bought a guide to watch the stars at night so I have some reading to do.

After our walk around town we went to the Black Hills National Forrest Ranger Station and got some maps and information about camping in the National Forrest. With the maps as a guide we set off to find a camping space in the forrest. The Forrest Service doesn’t use large signs and the maps are not all that clear or detailed so we had a difficulty in finding the road we had chosen to camp on. Once on the road there didn’t seem to be a place to camp off the road until we came to this unused old bridge. The spot was big enough for both or rigs and we set up camp. The site was beside a brook that ran through the valley floor for miles. Although the camp was close to the road the sound of the water flowing by made it a pleasant place to spend a night.

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The road beside where we camped turned out to be a busy one for a forrest service road. We both got up early (5:30am) walked the dogs and headed out to Rapid City SD.



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