Lusk WY

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Today I made it to Lusk WY, just a little place, the RV camp I am at has seen better days, I have seen others like it where the facilities have been not kept up and allowed to fall into disrepair. It is adequate for the night and the price is right $13.25 for full hookup using my Passport America membership. There is no one here to greet you it is a self registration. The place doesn’t look as though it has seen a lawn mower in a while and the signs are broken or faded. There a dips in the road around the park that should be filled in, I bet when it rains they fill up with water to the tune of 4″ or more. There is nothing close to us here at the park so it is left overs tonight for dinner which is fine I like meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas.

Tomorrow we should make it to Rapid City SD, where we will take care of business-I’ll tell you all about it then. Right now we have WWW but no cell phone connection, odd.

I’ll take some photos and post them tonight.


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