Sugarite State Park NM

I camped at Sugarite State Park NM, near Raton NM. The park is in a canyon that once was mined for coal and had a company town with school and a company store. Once a thriving little community all that is left are a few pieces of vehicles, mining equipment and foundations. The area is quite nice with lots of trees and wildlife. There was a small lake where fishing was good, I’m told. Just by chance I got a site with electricity and water and with my park pass that only cost $4.00 a day, what a deal 🙂

I had a daily walk with Shelby by a lake or stream where Shelby got to enjoy the smells of wildlife and other dogs and I got to enjoy nature a bit.

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The last night there a Ranger came to the camp and gave a lecture on the history of the area and some of the notable bad guys and good guys, it was a fun event.


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