On our way to South Dakota

I am on my way to South Dakota; left Sugarite State Park NM the day before yesterday and drove north on I – 25 till Colorado Springs CO. I stopped there to do a little shopping at Camper’s world which is like a big candy store for camper’s and RV’rs. I got a few things and a few things I wanted they didn’t have so I’ll have to try another store or shop on line for what I need.

After Camper’s World I drove north on the 25 until Castle Rock CO and pulled into the Wallmart there and spent the night. The next morning, this morning I had breakfast at Starbucks and filled up with fuel and drove north Wyoming. I had lunch at the Flying J just outside of Cheyenne WY and after a discussion of where to park, as the Flying J was torn apart for remodel it was decided to drive to Curt Goudy State Park WY.

This park is a disappointment the price is outrageous for what you get. At $17.00 a night you get a dirt spot to park your RV an old picnic table that has seen better day and a rusted out fire ring. No water, No Elect, the site is un-level and there is dog poop all over. There is no camp host and the young man at the entrance booth that takes your money is not helpful or friendly. The best thing I can say about this state park is that the entrance sign is impressive. So what we are paying for is a place to park that costs $17.00. My thought is to save your money and use Passport America and get full hookups for $12.00 some place else down the road.


One thought on “On our way to South Dakota

  1. Ewww, Kay Julia, so sorry you landed in such a dump. I wonder what other state parks in Wyoming are like.
    Someday when you have time you would do the world a favor to write a review about that campground at some of the campground review websites. Maybe Wyoming will clean it up. Probably lack of funds though, like everywhere.

    Always enjoy checking your blog. You go where I’ll be going someday so I really relate to the ups and downs of your travels. Take care and be safe. rvsue

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