Back at Storrie State Park

I am back at Storrie State Park which is just outside Las Vegas NM. The park isn’t much these days. The lake is very low and the water is muddy, I feel bad for the fish. The park is located close to a large city (for NM) and gets heavy use. The weekends are the when most of the campers show up, of course. The park is showing signs of over use and delayed maintenance.

The electrical sites are divided into reserved and first come first served. The reserved are on the border of the park with a residential area behind with the usual barking dogs and or trappings of suburbia. To get one of these sites I would have to pay a booking fee of $10.00 three days in advance. I have noticed that sites go unused yet there is a rope across the site denying use.

The first come first served sites are together and the space between the RVs is as minimum as it can get. This part of the park must have been laid out in the 50’s, when today’s rigs park there sometimes not enough room to put their slides out although some do anyway.

The rules are selectively enforced which means they are not enforced. I seldom see a park ranger and if I do the vehicle zips by. The quiet time rule where one is supposed to keep noise down as to not to keep people awake is not obeyed by some of the campers, like the one’s parked next to me. They were outside next to my rig talking and walking back and forth on the gravel next to my rig till after 1am! There is no way to get in touch with a ranger to intercede so I pounded on my bedroom wall and told them to knock it off ! They moved to front of their rig and continued their conversation. No manners or consideration for others, their needs come first.

Ignorance is blatant in this country and the use of manners and common courtesy has been long out of fashion. This country is rude, crude, uneducated, spoiled, narcissistic and ignorant and add violent. In short we have no class, none and think those that do are weird, crazy or putting on airs. Quite a few of my fellow Americans are proud of their lack of class and of their ignorance of manners, history, geography, science, mathematics, world history or any thinking other than what they want next at some fast food restaurant.

I am disgusted with them, they show no desire to raise above their situation and learn something, but are quick to blame others for their discomfort or lack of success, however they will believe any cockamamy idea, theory, rumor no matter how outlandish or unlikely before believing in the facts. Most wouldn’t know a fact if they tripped over it. I thought once that as time went on our citizenry would improve their knowledge and refine their actions for the betterment of society. I no longer believe that, we’re like pigs wallowing in our ignorance and happy to do so.


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