On the road again

I spent a week in Deming NM at the Low-Hi RV Ranch home of the LOW’s RV club. I had a great time there except for the relentless winds that kept me indoors most of the time. The holiday was great the club threw potluck they provided the meat and everyone brought a dish so there was more than enough food to go around and everyone was in a grand mood lots of talk and smiles to go around.

Today was a long day 285 miles, my butt is sore but my mpg was good ….. real good if my math is to be believed I got 11mpg from this old bus – that is very good or my math is very bad one or the other.

Now I am about twenty miles south of Albuquerque NM, a town called Belen, I’ll be staying overnight at the Walmart parking lot. Of course I couldn’t resist I bought a few things at Walmart already. Tomorrow I’ll head north on the I-25, I may have breakfast at a Casino on the way then on to Storie Lake SP just outside of Las Vegas NM. Most likely spend a couple of nights there then back to the I-25 and head north again.





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