In Idaho

In Idaho

I have been in Iona Idaho for a few days now getting reacquainted with family and catching up on some needed repairs to the ‘Ol RV. Seems there is always something to fix or replace on RV’s. I have checked out a solar kit for the RV just haven’t quite committed on buying it yet.

The first days here have been warm, windy and lots of Cotton from the Cottonwood Trees, the cotton was so thick in the air it look like it was snowing. The wind got high enough to bring down part of an old tree in the neighborhood. Other than some shopping and getting parts for the RV I haven’t done much else.

Tonight we are having Salmon; when at the grocery store (Fred Meyer) the fish dept. had some lovely Salmon so we splurged and bought a whole Salmon for a family dinner.

Salmon For Dinner


Yellow Stone Park

Today after leaving Cody WY our wanderings took us to Yellowstone Park. Most of the day was spent traveling through YP. I got an advantage this time because I had my ‘old geezer card’ with me and I got in for free; I like free.

There was still lots of snow at the higher elevations and that is a bit out of the norm for this time of year as usually the snow melt is almost gone by the end of June. At the eight thousand foot level it was rather chilly I needed my sweater zipped up to be comfortable.

This time we got to see more Bison than we did the first time we visited YP. That was fun as the Bison were putting on a show for us at the end of the trip. They had traffic backed up for quite a ways and of course some of the tourists were loving it and others… not so much.

After leaving the park we went shopping and had lunch which was Elk burgers! Now we have tasted Buffalo Burgers and Elk Burgers I like Elk better.

Tonight we are camped in a Forrest Service camp ground not far from Henry’s Lake and the price is closer to my liking than the last place. We also enjoyed a camp fire for the first time this trip ! Everywhere else the forrest has been to dry to permit camp fires or fires of any kind. It was fun cooking hot dogs over the fire and swatting bugs at the same time.

Here are some photos of today’s trip:

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Change of route and a long day to boot !

When we got to Buffalo WY. we decided to take an alternate route to Idaho and after a very long day and many miles half of them up a steep grade and half down a steep grade we are in Cody WY.  Tired, grumpy and did I mention tired? I have some sort of bug; chest congestion and sore throat with a nagging cough that keeps me awake at night. I bought some cough syrup and hope that will help with the cough. Some nice scenery today and lots of traffic on the roads even those with steep grades. I thought we were coming out of a recession? With all the big rigs on the road it doesn’t look like we are, it looks as though someone has money and lots of it.

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The route we took was state route 16, from Buffalo WY to Cody WY.

Trying to stay awake till a reasonable hour so I have shopped at Walmart for cough medicine and changed the cat litter pan swept the floor and brushed the rug in front of the door and worked on the computer for a while. Still to early to try and sleep, so I guess I will find something else to keep me busy.

Rapid City is behind us

Finally, we have departed Rapid City SD. Samantha’s rig is repaired (we hope) and we got out of town and headed for Deadwood SD. We made a an overnight stop at a Forest Service Camp and got surprised by the fee $22.oo a night. I had forgotten that some of the Forrest Service Camps are run by contractors and the first thing they did was go up on the fees. The amenities didn’t improve just the fees still no water at the site, no electric and no sewer just a place to park that may not be level with an old FS fire ring and table and lots and lots of other campers around. Somebody with some political pull got the contract for this USDA Forrest and they are using facilities paid for by the taxpayers to make a profit, ya gotta love Capitalism profit before people…….

I call it suburbia without sidewalks. I would have been more comfortable in the woods by myself than with a host of weekend warriors with their growling pets and noisy kids.

While at the camp last night we had a thunderstorm with hail the size of nickels I thought for sure that the plastic hatches were going to break ! So far I have not noticed any damage.

Deadwood; when I pull into a town and all I see are signs saying no parking or parking meters all over I get a little ticked. There were six parking spaces by the Chamber of Commerce that one could park for TWENTY MINUTES! BIG WHOOP 😦 We did find out from the young man on duty where we could park which was at the other end of town from the Chamber so we did park there. He also told us about the Trolly that you had to pay a dollar every time you boarded for a ride around town. We walked around town and most of the old town is gambling places and bars with gambling with a few historic signs to let you know so and so was shot here or over there. We walked the length of old town until we got to Tin Lizzie’s Casino where breakfast was $4.99 -$3.99 if your a member of their players club, free membership so to save a buck I joined and got breakfast for $3.99 plus tax and I brought my appetite; two plates of food later I was ready to leave. I had to use the ladies room and of course there was a penny slot machine there and I gave it a try and you guessed it I lost. After using the restroom we departed out the back entrance but once in the parking lot found out there was no way out ! We had to climb over the fence thank goodness for my long legs 🙂 So it was good-bye Deadwood and on to Wyoming!

Tonight we are camped in Walmart parking lot in Gillette Wyoming the price is right and there are plenty of places to shop and eat within walking distance. Tomorrow we will be in Montana heading to Idaho. We want to be off the road before the 4th of July weekend.

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Tonight it rained hard for a while then let up and rained hard again then it quit raining and I could hear the bugle playing taps from the Air Force Base miles away ! Or I am having flashbacks from my checkered past. We have had rain off an on all day and the RV park is muddy. I have to was my dog’s paws before I can let her inside she doesn’t care for that sort of thing but I don’t want to have to shovel mud out of my house.

Still waiting for Samantha’s RV to be repaired hopefully by next friday it will be road ready.

That’s all for tonight…..

Rapid City SD

We didn’t have to go far to get to Rapid City SD, which turned out to be a good thing. When we got to town the first place we stopped was the Fly J truck stop to fuel up and have breakfast. After fueling up we noticed that there was fluid leaking under Samantha’s rig upon checking it we decided that it was transmission fluid so we left her rig at Flying J and went on to our next business which was with America’s Mail Box. This business is a mail service and much more for constant travelers like us and Merchant Marines, Truck Drivers and people who travel overseas as part of their job. They will receive your mail and forward it to you they also help with registering your vehicles in S.D. and in your changing your driver’s Lic. to S.D. We both set up a postal box with them and filled out paper work for getting our vehicles registered in S.D.. We also got our S.D. driver’s Lic. also. While at the office we talked with a man there and he advised Samantha on where to have her rig fixed and one of the employees led her to the shop and drove her back to the office, she is staying in one of the three motel rooms that is locate at the office and I am camped in the RV park that is part of the office and business.

This afternoon we went shopping at Cabela’s Sporting Goods which is just down the street from America’s Mail Box.

Rapid City SD

I am here in Rapid City SD, the purpose is to change my residence to SD. I am using the services of America’s Mailbox a company set up to receive and forward mail to full time travelers like myself. They have an office with motel rooms to rent and behind the office is a new RV Park that travelers can use while they are here. The RV Park is under construction but useable as is later it will be nicer, all sites are full hook ups with water electric and sewer.

I got my driver’s license changed to South Dakota and I now have a mailbox here at America’s Mailbox so for practical purposes my residence is here in South Dakota.

While here in the area I’m spent some time visiting places of interest such as the Black Hills National Forest, Wind Cave, the state park which was very nice and the Geology Museum at the South Dakota School of Mines.

The weather has been cool in the mornings and warm (70’s) in the afternoon with cool nights (50’s) until today when the wind picked up and it rained off and on all day. We borrowed the company car for a couple of hours and went to the bank and grocery shopping. Sunday was laundry and State Park Day.

The reason we are spending so much time here is that Samantha’s RV has transmission problems and needs a new transmission and that will take a few days to get replaced.

Here are a few photos of our visit so far there are only a few of Wind Cave as the battery in the camera went dead while touring the cave.