Where have I been Part 2

Samantha and I had been on a walk with the fur kids and stopped and talked with a couple who were tent camping near us and they advised us to try Coyote Creek State Park. So when we broke camp we headed up the the Mora Valley to the Park. On the way we stopped at Las Vegas NM. We had a wonderful breakfast in a small restaurant there and got directions to the “Old Town” and had a pleasant walk around the town plaza which reminded me of Mexico they way it was laid out. I found a book store and bought some books on New Mexico and an Atlas of New Mexico to help plan the trips ahead.

We went up the Mora Valley and found Coyote State Park, at first the entrance looks imposing, but it is a small park with only ten electrical sites and maybe fifteen boon docking sites and some more primitive sites to small for RVs. I spent one night in an electrical site to charge up the electronics such as the computer cell phone etc. Then we move to a boon dock site across the trout stream. The wind caught up to us at Coyote Creek and several nights were windy. An unusual experience at night was the low flying aircraft about 9pm that came through the valley following the steam. I think it was a military aircraft practicing low level flight missions, but I am just guessing. There was no cell phone reception or WWW at this park and we were advised that the closest cell phone reception was back down the valley about ten miles or so.

The walks by the steam were interesting and we saw folks fishing and catching trout and we could see the trout in the water when we crossed the bridge over the stream. This is a quiet park at about 7900 feet and it was cold at night even in May.

Coyote Creek will be on my list again when I have my fishing license and tackle with me.


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