Where Have I Been ?

I have been visiting some of the New Mexico State Parks and it has been an interesting trip. The last state park I posted about was Sumner Lake State Park just north of Sumner NM. Sumner NM is the place where Billy The Kid is buried in case that was a burning question that comes across your mind now and then.

From Lake Sumner we traveled to Villanueva State Park. The road to the park is interesting as it is a narrow two lane road from the I-25, and it about 21 miles long and curvy with some interesting dips. The last few miles get interesting as you come through a pass and descend into a valley, the bent guard rails are reminder to be careful as the decent is rather sharp. Then you drive through the village of Villa Nueva and just as you get to the end of town there is a sharp right that takes to the park. The park is located in steeply walled canyon along the banks of the Pecos River. There are campsites along the river and they are quickly taken up. I ended up parking in the boon dock sites area on top of a hill over looking the river below and other great views of the canyon and surrounding hills. My site had a lovely rock enclosed picnic area where the evening happy hour was spent with a gorgeous view. No electric and one had to walk to get water which was no trouble.

The stars at night were beautiful and the Moon was so bright it was breathtaking, with the sound of the river below and a gentle breeze it was a most tranquil place. Until the Cub Scout troop came in and they where a noisy lot, they could be heard all day long and up until quiet time. Their energy was amazing they didn’t stop screaming and running unless they were eating and then they were fueled for more fun chasing each other and screaming some more. The quiet after they left on Sunday was sudden like when a radio is tuned off. I wonder if they are still screaming at home?

Here are some photos of this camp.

This is the first time for me to boon dock (no utilities) for extended period of time not just an over night in some parking lot. I liked it, and began to seriously consider having solar power installed on the rig as this would expand the opportunities to camp in some very nice places.

The next post will be about the next NM Park Coyote Creek.


4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been ?

  1. Glad you’re back! I so enjoy your photos and your descriptions of the places you stay. I agree, solar is the way to go.

    The bottle with glasses puts me right in the seat looking at the view.

  2. Yes, having happy hour in a great location is great, there are so many interesting places to camp it is endless.
    I am researching solar seriously now just have to get the right place to do it and get up the courage to spend the money …. 🙂

    I hope your plans are going well.

    • Kay,
      For the solar I’ve got details of all the research we did in our blog
      (just search “solar”) with links to the sites that taught us. Feel free to
      ask any questions if we can help!

  3. Looks just beautiful! We’ve thought about heading to Villanueva. Not sure
    if it’ll make it into the plans, but looks like it’s definitely a spot to put
    on the list!

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