Wow it’s windy !

I am now at Sumner State Park NM. From the first evening, that was yesterday, the wind has been blowing. I have no idea of the wind speed but it has to be forty miles an hour with gusts up to fifty. I feel like I am being blown over sometimes when I am outside walking.

Yesterday evening the A/C suddenly stopped running in my rig and then came back on, I thought that the wind had messed with the electric wires somewhere and gave us a brown out. In a few minutes the power to the rig went out and didn’t come back on. I went to investigate and found that the electric plug from my rig to the extension cord that goes to the power box at the rig’s site had burned off a prong and damaged both the male and female plug. Samantha helped me rig up a splice and I got the power back on. I didn’t have any electrical tape or wire nuts so it is held together with duct tape. Not the best solution, just a field expediency until we get the right parts to fix the problem.

We went to town, FT Sumner NM, today to do laundry, go to the bank and hardware store for electrical items. We had breakfast at a small restaurant and later on our way back we had lunch at Fred’s restaurant and lounge. The taco salad was very good I would have lunch there again if am passing through the town.

The town is known for where Billy The Kid a notorious gunslinger/murderer is supposed to be buried. We stopped by the museum to have a look but when confronted with spending $5.00 each to see the so called museum we decided to keep our money and move on. The whole museum thing was to ……. hooky for me and the idea of glorifying a murderer as ruthless as he was supposed to have been goes against my grain.

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