Lea Lake NM

Here are some photos of Lea Lake NM where I am camped for a few days. The lake is 19 miles east of Roswell NM. Photos by Samantha Cormier.

It was a nice quiet peaceful night last night no loud talking or music; just right for a restful night’s sleep.  This morning’s walk was enjoyable as Shelby and I had the walk all to our selves and later we were joined by Samantha and her dog Spencer. I had a nice breakfast of ham and eggs with coffee. Enjoyable Sunday morning.


4 thoughts on “Lea Lake NM

  1. Ooooh, I am so jealous! I am clicking on your photos, Kay, and they make me want to be there more than ever! Especially the one of you kicking back with a beverage.

    Which reminds me…. I need a better camera. Do you have a recommendation?

  2. I am not much into camera’s I figure a digital with autofocus and memory chip would be fine something around $100.00 would get a good enough camera. If your into nature photography and want interchangeable lenses then Nikon seems to be the brand these days. I wouldn’t buy it unless it was on sale, but then again I am cheap 🙂

  3. Lovely shots of the area! We really enjoyed our stay there too. If you’re headed West don’t miss Oliver Lee State Park…it’s a beauty!!

    • Thanks for the tip! I am at Lake Sumner State Park, the wind is awful nearly blows you over…..
      Hardly anyone here at this time of year maybe because the kids are still in school and it is windy during springtime.

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