My first NM State Park

I am camped at Bottomless Lakes State Park just outside of Roswell NM. Yes that Roswell. We left the Original Ranch RV Coop Park early this morning in order to arrive early enough to assure a camping spot here at the park. The park is located about 19 miles from Roswell. When we got here I bought my first year camping pass for NM. It cost a lot but the benefits are good. New Mexico has a lot of nice State Parks with the pass the reduction in camping fees is substantial; from $14 a night to $4 a night for electric and water hookups. That’s a bargain in my book. I am camped at Lea Lake and have a shade covered patio with picnic table and BBQ grill and of course electric and water. The first order of business after going through the usual business of buying the camping pass and getting registered to camp then finding a site was to return to Roswell and get the LP tank filled, have lunch, by a souvenir and shop for some necessities at (of course) Walmart. The map below shows where our camp is located.

Roswell its self is a real city with a lot more going for it than the alleged visit by space aliens, although there are the usual businesses making a buck off that event. The rest of the city is doing regular business and most folks are going about their lives like it never happened. Today is hot with a cloudless sky the Sun is un-relenting and the rig got very hot and it is taking along time to cool down. I have a problem with my refrigerator that will have to be looked at by a technician on Monday I hope. We’ll see how that goes when we get the rig to the shop and they have a chance to figure out the problem. If the RV shop is busy we may be here a while.  Not a bad place to be really.


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