Guess where I’m at

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Yes, Carlsbad Caverns! Lovely day for a ride and we stopped at the caverns and took the un=guided tour. We only toured the Great Room and for me that was enough. I am no fan of underground places so I was not going to make a day of underground touring. Some interesting sights.

Later we went to The Escapees RV Park called the Original Ranch located about 22 miles north of Carlsbad NM. This park is different than most other parks as the sites are owned/leased. When someone leaves on a trip they can rent it out. There is a boon-docking area called the corral, there are no hook ups or pads here just two water faucets and a gravel area. When you arrive they have this big bell on a pole that they ring announcing your arrival and some folks come over and welcome you to the park. We’ll post more about the park tomorrow.

Tonight I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep as this place is very quiet.


2 thoughts on “Guess where I’m at

  1. Oh, Kay! You are where I wanna’ be!

    I’ll be there before the summer is over. The info on the park is appreciated. Your blog … I should say, your life … is impressive.


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