Quiet Nite

In Walmart parking lot in Abilene TX, my only problems were self inflicted. When I was in Walmart I was in line and gave into my sweet tooth and bought a package of M&Ms. It didn’t register in my brain what I was doing at the time but after I had ate the M&Ms it sure did, I have a problem with my heart rhythm when I ingest caffeine and it didn’t take long for the caffeine to mess with my heart rhythm. Everything calmed down after a while. However, I had a hard time falling asleep seems I was wired on caffeine. I also forgot to put in my ear plugs, tsk, tsk, until much later. Once the plugs were in I got some sleep.

I am now at a county park, Old Foley County Park, just outside Andrews TX. Seems that the local Chamber of Commerce free parking spots have been taken over by some permanent squatters and there are no spaces for visitors to their fair city. The lady at the Chamber didn’t know of any place to park and RV, but on line the Andrews County has a park. Several times in my travels I have come across folks working tourist offices or Chamber of Commerce that don’t have a clue about what is in their local area except those things they were told to tell the public about.

The county park was available at a rather high price, $22.00 a night for full hook ups and your not near anything, your out in the boonies. It is a rather warm afternoon so I am enjoying my  A/C to the max. Later I’ll cook dinner. Then before bed I’ll take a shower, not in the campground shower though, there are no shower curtains ! Safer and cleaner to take a shower in my own shower in my rig. Just have to move out the cat pan and other pet stuff to use it, not a big deal.

Now to choose what to have for dinner, Chicken breast, turkey, ham, stew, burritos, ?


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