Not good news today

I got a call from the real estate agent and from the title company, 1) The previous title company still hasn’t forwarded the paper work needed 2) There is a problem the buyer has with the bank about some finances that he has to sort out. This is not good news.

I am thinking that we ought to pack up and go somewhere for a while and relax and let things take their course and see what happens.

It rained all last night and today until about 6pm. That and the news above made for a depressing day.  Tomorrow the sun should be back, tonight will be cold, wet and depressing. At least the wind has died down, it will be back later this week, sigh.


2 thoughts on “Not good news today

  1. Sigh, I’m so sorry. Seems like there’s always something huh? I had to take my car in – $400 later its fixed….just when you think you can pay bills and get ahead….boo.

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