Where have I been part 3

After Coyote Creek camp ground we decided to leave and go to Clayton Lake State Park. To do this we drove over the pass using route 434, when we started about 8am the clouds had rolled in and it had begun to sprinkle. Within about five miles from Coyote Creek the road narrowed quite a bit and then it began to snow, just a few flakes at first mixed in with what was now a drizzle. When traffic was coming towards the rig you could see that the other drivers were giving our rigs a wide berth. The ascent got steeper and I had the accelerator flat to the floor a few times to make it to the top one or the other hills. Each time we topped a hill I thought we would be going down to the valley, but then there was another hill and another hill. Finally we did get to a flatter spot and took a right on route 120, everything looked okay till we ran out of asphalt road. The road ahead was gravel as far as we could see. We had a quick conference and decided as we had no knowledge of what lay ahead on the gravel road we should turn around and follow 120 through Angle Fire. This we did and eventually we found a restaurant open called Zek’s and had a lovely breakfast there while listening to the snow melt on the metal roof of the building.

We continued on to the 64 and passed through Cimarron State Park the part that followed the river there. The fishing looked good and someday I will return and fish that river. We continued on 64 towards Clayton NM. About 40 minutes out side of Clayton I heard a bang and I checked my mirrors to see if there was any evidence of a flat tire when I saw that my awning arms were loose and flapping. This could get serious fast, so I pulled over on the shoulder and went out to examine the situation. At the time there were winds 30-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph! That and eighteen wheelers passing the rig made for a rather difficult situation. It seems the wind had gotten under the awning roller and forced the arms out of their mechanical locks. In that wind I couldn’t unroll and roll back up the awing to tighten it and the mechanical locks sure weren’t going to hold the awning arms and the whole apparatus could get caught in a gust and rip it off the rig causing damage to my rig and maybe to a passing vehicle. So I had to improvise a solution on the spot. I tried tying the arms together with rope that didn’t work, I couldn’t get the rope tight enough to insure that the awing would not unravel. I looked in my tool box looking for perhaps vice grips when I spotted the friend I needed; Duct Tape! Who ever invented that stuff I thank you! I taped up the arms as tight as I could manage, then proceed on my way slowly driving along so as not to put more pressure on the awning.

About that time Samantha arrived on the other side of the highway and we had a conference about the problems I was having and what to do next. We decided to meet in Clayton and we parted and later met in Clayton NM.

By the time we got to Clayton State Park we were tired found our campsite and hooked up for a stay. The wind kept blowing until after dark and then it was peaceful again. The park is an older one laid out in the fifties so many of the spaces are small and most of the electric spaces are reserved spaces. We got lucky and got two spots that were not reserved. It seems there are only two unreserved spaces there and they seemed to always be occupied.

The showers were nice in that they had regular shower heads not the mean ones that shoot a stream of high pressure water at you like some of the parks have. I got the awning situation under control when the wind was cooperating in the morning. It seems no damage was done.

We had no WiFi at the park or cellphone coverage unless we walked up a hill that was rather steep. I hadn’t called or been on line in days so I made some calls to let folks know that I was okay and tried to get in touch with our real estate agent (no luck). I ended up walking up that hill three times one day making calls, huffing and puffing.

We knew the holiday weekend was coming up and tried the reservation service and found that all the reserved sites had been taken in the local area that we were in so that meant another conference and it was decide to head to Deming NM to our clubs RV park and hide out for the holiday weekend safe and sound off the road and amongst friends. So the next day we packed it up and headed to Deming NM.


Where have I been Part 2

Samantha and I had been on a walk with the fur kids and stopped and talked with a couple who were tent camping near us and they advised us to try Coyote Creek State Park. So when we broke camp we headed up the the Mora Valley to the Park. On the way we stopped at Las Vegas NM. We had a wonderful breakfast in a small restaurant there and got directions to the “Old Town” and had a pleasant walk around the town plaza which reminded me of Mexico they way it was laid out. I found a book store and bought some books on New Mexico and an Atlas of New Mexico to help plan the trips ahead.

We went up the Mora Valley and found Coyote State Park, at first the entrance looks imposing, but it is a small park with only ten electrical sites and maybe fifteen boon docking sites and some more primitive sites to small for RVs. I spent one night in an electrical site to charge up the electronics such as the computer cell phone etc. Then we move to a boon dock site across the trout stream. The wind caught up to us at Coyote Creek and several nights were windy. An unusual experience at night was the low flying aircraft about 9pm that came through the valley following the steam. I think it was a military aircraft practicing low level flight missions, but I am just guessing. There was no cell phone reception or WWW at this park and we were advised that the closest cell phone reception was back down the valley about ten miles or so.

The walks by the steam were interesting and we saw folks fishing and catching trout and we could see the trout in the water when we crossed the bridge over the stream. This is a quiet park at about 7900 feet and it was cold at night even in May.

Coyote Creek will be on my list again when I have my fishing license and tackle with me.

Where Have I Been ?

I have been visiting some of the New Mexico State Parks and it has been an interesting trip. The last state park I posted about was Sumner Lake State Park just north of Sumner NM. Sumner NM is the place where Billy The Kid is buried in case that was a burning question that comes across your mind now and then.

From Lake Sumner we traveled to Villanueva State Park. The road to the park is interesting as it is a narrow two lane road from the I-25, and it about 21 miles long and curvy with some interesting dips. The last few miles get interesting as you come through a pass and descend into a valley, the bent guard rails are reminder to be careful as the decent is rather sharp. Then you drive through the village of Villa Nueva and just as you get to the end of town there is a sharp right that takes to the park. The park is located in steeply walled canyon along the banks of the Pecos River. There are campsites along the river and they are quickly taken up. I ended up parking in the boon dock sites area on top of a hill over looking the river below and other great views of the canyon and surrounding hills. My site had a lovely rock enclosed picnic area where the evening happy hour was spent with a gorgeous view. No electric and one had to walk to get water which was no trouble.

The stars at night were beautiful and the Moon was so bright it was breathtaking, with the sound of the river below and a gentle breeze it was a most tranquil place. Until the Cub Scout troop came in and they where a noisy lot, they could be heard all day long and up until quiet time. Their energy was amazing they didn’t stop screaming and running unless they were eating and then they were fueled for more fun chasing each other and screaming some more. The quiet after they left on Sunday was sudden like when a radio is tuned off. I wonder if they are still screaming at home?

Here are some photos of this camp.

This is the first time for me to boon dock (no utilities) for extended period of time not just an over night in some parking lot. I liked it, and began to seriously consider having solar power installed on the rig as this would expand the opportunities to camp in some very nice places.

The next post will be about the next NM Park Coyote Creek.

I am back on line

I have been traveling in places that don’t have Cell Phone service or Internet service! Yes, there are such places and I will tell you all about them in my next entry. I am tired now and my brain has turned to mush as I was awakened at 5:30 am this morning by some fellow driving down to the boat ramp with his music turned up,,,,, Sheesh no manners!

Early Morning Visitors

We had some early morning visitors, they didn’t stay long, they had their look and were gone as quietly as they had arrived. There may have been two dozen of them in the park, so many it was hard to keep count.

Wow it’s windy !

I am now at Sumner State Park NM. From the first evening, that was yesterday, the wind has been blowing. I have no idea of the wind speed but it has to be forty miles an hour with gusts up to fifty. I feel like I am being blown over sometimes when I am outside walking.

Yesterday evening the A/C suddenly stopped running in my rig and then came back on, I thought that the wind had messed with the electric wires somewhere and gave us a brown out. In a few minutes the power to the rig went out and didn’t come back on. I went to investigate and found that the electric plug from my rig to the extension cord that goes to the power box at the rig’s site had burned off a prong and damaged both the male and female plug. Samantha helped me rig up a splice and I got the power back on. I didn’t have any electrical tape or wire nuts so it is held together with duct tape. Not the best solution, just a field expediency until we get the right parts to fix the problem.

We went to town, FT Sumner NM, today to do laundry, go to the bank and hardware store for electrical items. We had breakfast at a small restaurant and later on our way back we had lunch at Fred’s restaurant and lounge. The taco salad was very good I would have lunch there again if am passing through the town.

The town is known for where Billy The Kid a notorious gunslinger/murderer is supposed to be buried. We stopped by the museum to have a look but when confronted with spending $5.00 each to see the so called museum we decided to keep our money and move on. The whole museum thing was to ……. hooky for me and the idea of glorifying a murderer as ruthless as he was supposed to have been goes against my grain.

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Lea Lake NM

Here are some photos of Lea Lake NM where I am camped for a few days. The lake is 19 miles east of Roswell NM. Photos by Samantha Cormier.

It was a nice quiet peaceful night last night no loud talking or music; just right for a restful night’s sleep. ย This morning’s walk was enjoyable as Shelby and I had the walk all to our selves and later we were joined by Samantha and her dog Spencer. I had a nice breakfast of ham and eggs with coffee. Enjoyable Sunday morning.