I Got On My High Horse Today :/

To bring you up to date; We are selling our house here in Texas, we have had problems getting it sold because we feel the present Real Estate Co. has been ineffective in marketing the property. We finally got a buyer who made an offer and we accepted it. Then the troubles began. It seems according to the new Title Co. there was a document missing in the previous closing! This document requests that the double wide mobile home on the property be made a part of the deed. I signed it and Samantha signed it and sent it in to the address on the form like we were directed to, I even called the Title Co. Superior Abstract & Title of Plano TX to make sure that we were doing it correctly. Seems that the previous owner didn’t sign it and Superior Abstract & Title Co. Plano TX  didn’t perform due diligence to make sure it did get signed. Without this document the new Title Co. won’t continue to prepare documents for the closing.

This has been an issue for weeks, at first the old Title Co. denied there was a problem and refused to talk to the new Title Co.. I got involved and insisted that they contact the new Title Co. More than a week has passed, the closing is supposed to be this Friday, this morning I got an email forwarded to me by our Real Estate Agent that was from the old Title Co. Superior Abstract & Title saying in effect that they were now, two days before closing attempting to locate the previous owner but didn’t know where she was and when they find her they would over night the document to her and have her overnight it back. No one knows if the previous owner is alive or where she is living at this time.

My temper got the best of me, I got rude and crude with my agent and fired back an email to all parties concerned that if this cost us the sale I would be seeking legal counsel and would take legal action against anyone who was negligent in this matter in any way. Then I searched my records and found the Title Ins. Co. and gave them a call and told them what was going on. The Ins. Co. got in touch with Superior Abstract & Title and they are having a conference on how to solve this problem. Seems the ‘closing’ is not going to happen this Friday. I sure hope the buyer is a patient person and doesn’t call the sale off.

I am not a happy camper I am pissed why? If the original Title Co. Superior Abstract & Title of Plano TX cannot obtain a signature from the previous owner on this document for any reason that means we are denied use of our property, one of the uses is to sell the property! Therefore I have a claim against the Title Ins. Co. Title Companies don’t want to pay claims and will do everything in their power to avoid doing so. Our Claim could take a long, long time in the mean time we are paying a mortgage, insurance and utilities on something we cannot sell or even accept offers on because there is a cloud on the title.

For now all we can do is wait and see what develops. I am so upset at being screwed over by this I could spit nails….

P.S. We have bought a new heater, paid for a survey, fixed/repaired several items paying for them out of pocket to please the new owners which as of this moment for a home they can’t buy.


3 thoughts on “I Got On My High Horse Today :/

  1. Now Kay, settle down, this isn’t good for your heart, blood pressure, or any thing else.
    It will be OK! Frustrating, I agree, but remember who I work for! Hope my company wasn’t a “bad guy”. Anyway, we have been thinking about you and hope you turn into a happy camper soon. 🙂
    Helen & Tom

  2. LOL,,,,
    It is not that people make mistakes that get me riled it is when they drag their feet accepting their responsibility and correcting the mistake and or blame others for the mistake, then fail to communicate with me about their action or in this case inaction. Keep me in the loop and be honest and up front with me and I’ll play nice. Otherwise I don’t play nice.
    The whole point of this is that if the previous owner had died and didn’t leave a will or left a will and appointed her son to be the executor of her estate this could have become a mess quickly. You see her son thought she shouldn’t have accepted our offer and tried to bump up the price. He was to late in doing that and was disgruntled about the deal. We could have been in a position where we would have had to try and get relief under the Title Ins.. Title Ins. people are loath to pay claims and would try to squirm out of it and then we would have had to hire an Attorney yadda, yadda, yadda all because someone didn’t follow through. On top of that the original Title Co. was dragging their feet to fix the problem until I applied ‘pressure’ in the right place then the ball started moving in the right direction.
    I think blowing off steam is good for my ticker and over all well being if I keep it in then my BP goes up !

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