We are still playing the waiting game here in Texas. We don’t know if the Title Co.’s have done their duty yet or not and or if they will have it done by the 29th, nor do we know where we will sign the papers or when how we’ll get our check. This waiting around is getting on our nerves. The unanswered questions are getting on our nerves too.

We are anxious to be rid of the responsibility for the house and its payments, and to be on our way to adventure. I guess we will know next week if everything is going to happen on time.


2 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Kay Julia, Your blog is great! Very well done, makes me realize I have much to learn. I’ve added you to my favorites. Would you give me a hint how to put the photos between paragraphs on wordpress? Mine always move to the top of the post once I publish.

    Again, I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Good luck on the road! rvsue

    • The way I post photos is to move the curser to the location and then find and post the photos. When the photo site shows up (the photos don’t) I tab below the photos and start typing another paragraph. Seems to work for me.
      I wish you luck RV’n the first year is a steep learning curve, but doable.

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