RV projects

I got my RV back from the repair shop. It cost a lot more money than I was expecting, but there was a lot of work to be done finding and fixing the leak. Turn out it was a corroded fitting under the toilet and with replacing the toilet, a cheaper way to go than fixing it, and labor it cost $551.oo. I always get sad spending money even when it is necessary. In this case I couldn’t use the onboard water supply without damaging the RV. So it was necessary and I couldn’t do it myself and have it function properly.

The floor is done and looks good, not as good as if a professional had done it or if I had used much more expensive materials, but it is easier to keep clean than the rug.

The next project is to cover the hole the previous CRT television was located. This will become storage for the DVD player and DVDs. This coming along well, I need some hinges and a gadget to keep it closed and some trim and that will be done.

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If your wondering what I will do for a TV the answer is that I will use my new flat screen TV and DVD player. I’ll set it up over the cabinet where the old one was located. I travel I will secure the TV and DVD player in the bedroom so it won’t get damaged.


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