The Rig is in the shop

I took the rig in to the RV shop, Rick’s RV Repair. The last time I hooked up to the city water I had a serious leak, the water was dripping out of the rig over the rear tires. I noticed that the onboard water pump would cycle on and off, this is a sign of a leak or the regulator on the pump is not functioning properly. I couldn’t find a leak so I thought it was the pump. I bought a pump at Camper’s World then discovered the leak over the rear tires!

I just got off the phone with Rick and it is a ‘T’ fitting on the bottom of the toilet that is causing the problem. A repair kit is available but the cost of the kit and the time to put it in one can buy a new toilet and come out ahead. So I said okay to a new toilet. We’ll see how far ahead we are when I see the bill.

Next on the list is to find out why the rig leans to the side-broken shock, or spring or ?


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