Out goes the rug

In goes the tile. I got fed up trying to keep the rug clean in my RV with pets both shedding at the same time and  I shed too 🙂

So I have been researching the RV blogs about installing some other kind of flooring and some people go through some elaborate and expensive flooring procedures. Some use laminate wood flooring or some sort of tile. I thought I would too until I saw the cost of the stuff ! I just couldn’t see spending that kind of money on my old RV (97), so I looked for an alternative flooring product. I finally settled on using peel and stick tiles, ya the cheap ones you can get at the dollar store. I know they aren’t as good as the tile at the big box stores and there is little to impress anyone about using them except the cost about $12.00 a box and I used three boxes on my 28′ rig. If they last a few years I’ll be happy if they don’t I’m not out much money and can redo the floor again.

I had a lot of help with this project from Samantha; she has had some experience with this product and knew the best way to cut and trim it. Thank you Samantha 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Out goes the rug

  1. Peel and stick tiles are the best when it comes to campers/RV’s and the like! I did the same thing to my old camper after a few years of camping/hunting in the spring/fall around here where the mud doesn’t resemble mud…it resembles black tar. LOL! You will love the ease of cleaning it with the pets around!

  2. I know I may have some tiles come up but a bit of Gorilla Glue should set things right. Now I have another project to make a door for where the old TV was in the dash to cover the hole left by the departure of the CRT TV. I’ll use a newer flat screen tv to watch movies and when I have it cable. There is always something to fix, repair, replace or redo to these things. Keeps me from running amuck on the streets causing trouble:)

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