Dish TV etc.

I just had an interesting communication with the Dish Network People. I had received a bill for my account that was suspended/paused and when I opened the bill I about spit out a few of my VERY favorite four letter words. They wanted to charge me $5.oo for being on pause another words they wanted me to pay them to remain a customer, they also wanted me to pay another $9.00 for having a receiver because I didn’t have a basic package!!!! That’s nuts, what frosted my old hinny was that when I called the 800 number I couldn’t get anything but advertisements. So I used their chat room thingy and lo and behold there was someone on the other end …. I guess I have to Text someone now to get customer service 😦 Grrrrr. After going through the first guy and telling him to terminate my account they sent me to the next guy and he could see my reasoning and said he would take care of it and I would only be charged the $5.00 amount-gee why don’t I feel better about that? That’s stupid of them and stupid of me to pay it. I have done without the damn idiot box for a couple of months now I don’t feel deprived in any way as I seem to be able to stay up with the daily lies fed to my fellow citizens just fine, thank you.

Well I guess I better get off my soap box now as it scares me being so high up heck I used to get a nose bleed licking an airmail stamp when they had them. I guess you would have to explain what an air mail stamp was to the younger set and maybe even what being on a soap box meant …. SIGH  :/


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