To do list today

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I had to make an appointment with my Cardiologist today and have my records from Tucson sent to his office. I have an appointment to see him on Wednesday the 13th. I want to talk to him about my symptoms and see what he has to say about them.

I got a few things at Wally World; picture hangers to hang pictures in the rig, rechargeable batteries for my stick up lights and camera and little screws to fix those lights to the various places I want them so when I am boon-docking (boonies = no hookups) I can still have light in all the needed places 🙂 I also got some vitamins that I was missing. We also stopped by a health products store and I got brown rice and some almond crackers. The brown rice we used for beans and rice with sausage this evening for dinner.

We also stopped by Rick’s RV Repair and squared away our appointments for some work to be done on our rigs. Then we had lunch at a nice restaurant called “The Victorian Lady” and the lunch was wonderful; photos to follow.

The it was time to hunt down an RV dump and we had quite a time finding one, seems we have located one and if all goes well we will dump our tanks on Sunday.

We came home and had our beans and rice for dinner and I watched a movie called “Its Complicated”. I liked the move kept me interested all the way through it.


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