$%&;@&;* TAXES !!!

I have submitted my tax return for 2010, not without a bit of confusion and pique. I have been using Turbo Tax for years but this year I didn’t. Here’s why; the form I got from my investment company Vanguard, didn’t match what was asked for by Turbo Tax, I was left with the possibility of either guessing (not a good idea) or waiting on the phone till who knows who, will give me some directions (they might not be better than a guess!). So I give it a bit of thought and took the whole thing to a chain tax preparer. This cost me more money but it was done right (I hope). Because of my medical expenses and paying a mortgage I broke even this year. I won’t be so lucky next year, unless I have substantial medical expenses, which I hope I won’t because that would mean I was ill, seriously ill.

So, the tax business is done one more thing off the list. Tomorrow is the house inspection I hope it goes well, but of course the inspector will find something……



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