Back in Wills Point TX

I made it back to Wills Point TX without incident, which is a relief, I don’t need anything else to build my stress level up. I got a couple of things done already; the van has been inspected and passed, caught up on my laundry, took out the old TV from the rig and moved my new TV into the rig and hooked it up, (have build a door to fill the hole where the old TV was located), visited the Real Estate Office and got a proposed date for the closing (April 30), clarified the business with the surveyor, confirmed the date of the house inspection (April 4).

I have lots of things to do yet; Taxes, clean out closets, find somewhere to store personal records etc. I’ll be busy for a while.


2 thoughts on “Back in Wills Point TX

  1. Thank you for the offer. I am working on eliminating the redundant and giving up the possessions that are of no value to lighten the load. Seems sentiment can weigh a lot when it comes to things 🙂

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