Another Night

Under Tornado watch, radar shows a storm cell just to the west of us no idea if it is headed our way or not because the emergency weather broadcast system is down. Just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside not knowing when or even if this thing is headed our way.

The wind is calm at the moment and heavy with humidity sort of like thick air. Just right to spawn a twister if it hits at night we’ll know when the rigs go spinning around. Hopefully the cold front is on its way and will spoil any development of a tornado.

Let’s hope it is only sweet dreams tonight…..


I Got On My High Horse Today :/

To bring you up to date; We are selling our house here in Texas, we have had problems getting it sold because we feel the present Real Estate Co. has been ineffective in marketing the property. We finally got a buyer who made an offer and we accepted it. Then the troubles began. It seems according to the new Title Co. there was a document missing in the previous closing! This document requests that the double wide mobile home on the property be made a part of the deed. I signed it and Samantha signed it and sent it in to the address on the form like we were directed to, I even called the Title Co. Superior Abstract & Title of Plano TX to make sure that we were doing it correctly. Seems that the previous owner didn’t sign it and Superior Abstract & Title Co. Plano TX  didn’t perform due diligence to make sure it did get signed. Without this document the new Title Co. won’t continue to prepare documents for the closing.

This has been an issue for weeks, at first the old Title Co. denied there was a problem and refused to talk to the new Title Co.. I got involved and insisted that they contact the new Title Co. More than a week has passed, the closing is supposed to be this Friday, this morning I got an email forwarded to me by our Real Estate Agent that was from the old Title Co. Superior Abstract & Title saying in effect that they were now, two days before closing attempting to locate the previous owner but didn’t know where she was and when they find her they would over night the document to her and have her overnight it back. No one knows if the previous owner is alive or where she is living at this time.

My temper got the best of me, I got rude and crude with my agent and fired back an email to all parties concerned that if this cost us the sale I would be seeking legal counsel and would take legal action against anyone who was negligent in this matter in any way. Then I searched my records and found the Title Ins. Co. and gave them a call and told them what was going on. The Ins. Co. got in touch with Superior Abstract & Title and they are having a conference on how to solve this problem. Seems the ‘closing’ is not going to happen this Friday. I sure hope the buyer is a patient person and doesn’t call the sale off.

I am not a happy camper I am pissed why? If the original Title Co. Superior Abstract & Title of Plano TX cannot obtain a signature from the previous owner on this document for any reason that means we are denied use of our property, one of the uses is to sell the property! Therefore I have a claim against the Title Ins. Co. Title Companies don’t want to pay claims and will do everything in their power to avoid doing so. Our Claim could take a long, long time in the mean time we are paying a mortgage, insurance and utilities on something we cannot sell or even accept offers on because there is a cloud on the title.

For now all we can do is wait and see what develops. I am so upset at being screwed over by this I could spit nails….

P.S. We have bought a new heater, paid for a survey, fixed/repaired several items paying for them out of pocket to please the new owners which as of this moment for a home they can’t buy.

Weather is the story here in TEXAS :0

All day the news has been about the storms here in north Texas. Several tornados, lots of hail and high winds. Some RVs have been damaged in one town when they were flipped by the high winds. Not enough information about what kind of RVs or if they were occupied or at a dealer. Makes one keep watching the news for more information. The hail has been as big as eggs and that could serious damage to an RV. Reports of windshields being broken add to my apprehension. A broken RV windshield costs a lot of money to replace and it takes a lot of time to get one for an older RV.

Hopefully, the storms will pass us and not cause any damage to our rigs here just north of I-20 about 45 miles east of Dallas.


We are still playing the waiting game here in Texas. We don’t know if the Title Co.’s have done their duty yet or not and or if they will have it done by the 29th, nor do we know where we will sign the papers or when how we’ll get our check. This waiting around is getting on our nerves. The unanswered questions are getting on our nerves too.

We are anxious to be rid of the responsibility for the house and its payments, and to be on our way to adventure. I guess we will know next week if everything is going to happen on time.

RV projects

I got my RV back from the repair shop. It cost a lot more money than I was expecting, but there was a lot of work to be done finding and fixing the leak. Turn out it was a corroded fitting under the toilet and with replacing the toilet, a cheaper way to go than fixing it, and labor it cost $551.oo. I always get sad spending money even when it is necessary. In this case I couldn’t use the onboard water supply without damaging the RV. So it was necessary and I couldn’t do it myself and have it function properly.

The floor is done and looks good, not as good as if a professional had done it or if I had used much more expensive materials, but it is easier to keep clean than the rug.

The next project is to cover the hole the previous CRT television was located. This will become storage for the DVD player and DVDs. This coming along well, I need some hinges and a gadget to keep it closed and some trim and that will be done.

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If your wondering what I will do for a TV the answer is that I will use my new flat screen TV and DVD player. I’ll set it up over the cabinet where the old one was located. I travel I will secure the TV and DVD player in the bedroom so it won’t get damaged.

She’s Gone :(

My trusty Ford Van that I have driven all the way down to Merida Yucatan Mexico and back is gone! I sold her today to a young family that just moved to Dallas and needed a van to move the their three kids around. I’ll miss my van she was comfortable and versatile. I could carry a lot of stuff in her including three pets and the two of us had comfortable seats. She was economical on gas and tires and repairs were reasonable. I got 22mpg with this 1995 Van, not shabby!

But I didn’t want to tow her behind my RV as she was to big and heavy. Later on I will look for a light weight vehicle I can tow behind my RV that also gets good or better than good miles per gallon.

Good bye old friend 😦